We provide the full suite of paediatric speech pathology services:

  • one on one therapy
  • parent and carer education and training
  • liaising with schools and preschools
  • diagnostic services and assessments
  • preparation of formal reports and individual therapy plans

We will work with you to agree on an individual therapy plan to best help your child. In our experience the best therapy plans have parts that involve the whole family, so we will develop the therapy plan with you to make sure it also meets your family’s needs.

Individual therapy plans need to be updated from time to time to meet your child’s changing needs and family circumstances, so we will regularly review your child’s therapy plan with you to ensure it meets the needs of your child and family.


Parent and Carer Workshops
Create the foundations of language development


Parent and Carer Workshops
Learn how to build language through play

School Ready

Parent and Carer Workshops
How to teach the communication skills your child will need

Childcare Professionals Training

Practical professional development for day care, long day care, and preschool centre staff